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Answers to commonly asked questions

First and foremost please remember that these little ones are babies ! Be patient, loving and gentle. I know it may be fun to play rough with a puppy and they will love it but it will not be cute, fun or safe when they are teenagers or adults. So play nice !
(Q.)  Will I have a health record provided ?
     (A,)  Yes, I will provide a record of dates when vaccines were given, what type, dates of de-worming and when the puppy had their well puppy check.
(Q.)  What food have they been on ?
     (A.)  A good quality puppy food. I will provide some in a container to mix with the puppy food of your choice to help prevent diarrhea from switching brands of food.
(Q.)  What do I do if my puppy coughs or chokes when trying to eat dry food ?
     (A.)  Don't panic !  It is normal for puppies to take time to get completely on dry food.  Each puppy is different.  Just add water and let the food set for 20 - 25 minutes until soft.  Gradually reduce the amount of water you add until your puppy is able to eat dry food with absolutely no coughing or choking.
(Q,)  Are they on a feeding schedule ?
     (A.)  No no no ! They are little puppies and should have access to free feeding. Once they are 3-4 months of age you can try feeding 3 times a day and see how it works.
(Q.)  When can I take them in public places ?
     (A.)  Once they have had three vaccines the puppy should be protected. No pet stores, no puppy classes, carry them at the vet's office, no pet areas at rest stops. Don't let every Tom Dick and Harry touch your puppy ! You have no idea where they have been ! Many public parking lots are loaded with Parvo. Isn't it better to be safe than sorry ?  Parvo is a huge issue in Colorado.  Parvo can survive in all weather conditions in Colorado for up to seven years !!!
(Q.)  When can I spay or neuter ?
     (A.)  You can spay or neuter at 5 months old. BUT, I recommend waiting until your puppy is at least 12 months old. Have you ever seen those long-legged dogs with potato bodies ? Many times they were "fixed" at a young age. The lack of hormones can make them grow disproportionately. If you can, let them get close to their true full grown size first. 
(Q.)  What is better, a boy or a girl ?
     (A.)  I have had both and honestly I can't recommend one over the other. So much is up to you and your family !  If you have a loving family that is friendly then your puppy will be that way. If you are a nervous person or more reserved your puppy will pick up on that. We have a happy and outgoing family and our puppies have the same personalities ! I will say that when it comes to boy or girl the one difference is if you want a flat tummy for rubbing or if you don't mind a "little something' in the way!
(Q:)  What will happen the first night home with my puppy?


     (A:)  This will be the first night your puppy is away from the mother and siblings.  The puppy will cry (scream bloody murder) looking for the family..  You can't do anything about taking away the poor puppy's stress because if you come to the rescue they will expect you every time they cry.  So let your puppy deal with his anxiety alone and he will be a stronger and more emotionally stable puppy.  It will not traumatize or scar your puppy emotionally to go through the separation.  A couple sleepless nights in the beginning are well worth a lifetime with a well behaved and adjusted dog.  One thing that does help is a stuffed animal about the same size as your puppy.  He or she will calm down faster having it there to simulate the cuddling they are use to.

(Q.)  What is the best way to get puppy ready for bed ?


     (A.)  Take up any food or water about 2 hours before your bedtime.  This prevents you from having accidents all night.  Play with puppy and get him/her nice and tired for bed.  No naps before bed.

(Q.)  Where should puppy sleep ?


     (A.)  Block off an area that has three distinct areas, food/water, potty (use potty pad) and bed.  Not to mention that you can not start potty training them outside until they have had all their vaccinations.  Having a those distinct areas will start training them to recognize that potting is away from their bed and food. 

(Q.)  Are your puppies registered with AKC ?


     (A.)  No.  My male is AKC and I use to register my puppies until I figured out it was a waste of money for me and my adopters.  I sell pet quality puppies.  AKC is only important if you want to show your pug.  If it is important to show your pug than you need to find a breeder who breeds for show quality puppies.  You should know it is a regular practice for show breeders not only to charge twice or more then pet quality breeders but it is a practice among some (not all) show breeders to euthanize puppies that do meet AKC show quality standards.  I refuse to financially support an organization that indirectly encourages the death of puppies due to physical standards that does not affect the puppy's quality of life at all.  It is a myth that AKC registration guarantees a pure bloodline.  AKC does not question the word of breeders when it comes to parentage of puppies.  They do not do individual DNA testing of each puppy.  DNA testing would be the only way to guarantee a pure bloodline.  AKC does nothing beneficial for you or your puppy and they encourage a practice that does not value life but superficial looks.  It is our imperfections that make us unique, special and beautiful.

(Q.)  Can I register them with AKC ?


     (A.)  No.  If both parents are not registered and the breeder does not submit the application and pay a fee, you can not register your puppy with them.

(Q.)  Is there any kennel club I can register my puppy with?


     (A.)  Yes.  Continental Kennel Club (CKC) will register puppies with a couple pictures of your puppy so they can see that it is a purebred along with a fee.  CKC is more pet friendly because they allow all registered dogs to participate in their shows.  They all so hold events such as obstacle courses and obedience competitions for the whole family to participate in.  They do register so called designer breeds., for example pugapoos and so on.  They are cheaper to register and they do not support the idea of a certain standard of perfection being the only quality of value.

(Q.)  Do you do any genetic testing on your dogs ?  


     (A.)  No.  There are way too many things that can possibly be caused due to genetics.  Matter of fact, if a condition is not easily explained by a veterinarian then it is possibly a genetic problem.  Every purebred breed has a higher chance for genetic issues than mutts.  This is because mutts have such a huge genetic variation due to huge variation in their gene pool.  Inbreeding is the number one cause of a genetic issue becoming a real problem.  If you inbreed you will increase the likely hood that one or more puppies will suffer some sort of genetic disease or physical malformation of some kind.  Dogs are the same as people.  There is a good reason why incest is so bad.  You don't breed father to daughter, sister to brother or even close cousins.  If you do, your asking for a genetic disaster.  For example, my first pug was old enough when I got her to have her first heat.  I asked the breeder if she had went through her heat yet.  He assured me she had not.  I was especially concerned because the only male that had access to her was her father.  Turns out she was pregnant and when she had the puppies one of them was born without tear ducts.  That poor puppy was partially blind by the time he was 3 weeks old and I noticed the clouding of his eyes.  Which is only one week after his eyes opened.  He had no tears to provide the natural moisture the eyes need and his lashes were damaging his eyes.  He had to have special eye drops put in his eyes every day, 3 times a day for the rest of his life.  I prevent genetic disasters such as that by making for sure my pugs are of no relation at all.  It is common practice among show breeders to inbreed because it makes it easier to get the physical characteristics so prized by the AKC show world.  AKC does draw the line at brother and sister breeding.  However, father to daughter, mother to son and all other relations are acceptable.  Keep in mind they take the breeders word on who the parents are so they truly don't know the extent of the inbreeding.

this is just a small example of questions.  I would like to hear any questions you may have.  If I don't know the answer I will find it for you.  Send me questions on the contact form below. I will then post the answers on this page.


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