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πŸ’‹ Taking Puppy Home! πŸ’‹

Helpful Hints and Instructions  
     The puppy will need a closed off area. One big enough to sleep, eat and potty.  A baby play pen is perfect, easy to setup, clean and you can usually find them used for about $10 to $20 on craigslist or at a thrift store.  If you have cold hard floors it keeps him/her up off them, so he/she won’t get cold.  It is important to keep a puppy warm, so they don’t get pneumonia.  Make sure to set it up away from any drafty windows or doors.
πŸ’œ Extremely Important* The puppy cannot go outside or any public places until he/she has had all three of his/her puppy shots. Your puppy’s health depends on this.
πŸ’œ *Extremely Important* You should pick the puppy up from me and take him/her straight home.  No pet stores, dog parks or friends’ homes.  Carry him/her in and out of the vets’ office and keep him/her off the floor and away from other animals while there.  Parvo is very common in Colorado and very deadly to puppies.  It is extremely expensive to treat, and the survival rate is very low even with treatment.  Better to be extra safe than sorry.
πŸ’œ Puppy disposable potty pads.  Most dollar stores have these and are much cheaper than the pet stores.
πŸ’œ Puppy food of your choice (I will provide a container of his/her current puppy food to be mixed in to help prevent diarrhea while he/she is switched over to the type you want to buy.)
πŸ’œ If the puppy chokes or coughs while eating the dry food, add water and let it soak until soft (15 to 20 mins.)  Gradually decrease the amount of water until the puppy can eat dry food with no issues.
πŸ’œ It is better to soak dry food until soft than to buy canned soft food since that will usually cause diarrhea.
πŸ’œ For his/her health guarantee to be honored you must take the puppy to the vet within 48 business hours of picking him/her up, so you should set up the appointment in advance.
πŸ’œ He/she will get his/her first puppy shot @ 6 weeks from my vet.  I will provide a shot record with checkup notes from my vet.
πŸ’œ His/her second puppy shot is due @ 9 weeks..

πŸ’œ His/her third puppy shot with rabies is due @ 12 weeks.
πŸ’œ You need to find a vet, if you don’t have one.  Some veterinarians will not charge an office visit fee for just shots, so call around. In my opinion a good vet will offer after hours emergency services. Animal hospitals are grossly overpriced and, in my experience, not nearly as good or as compassionate. It is worth the time and effort to do the research.
πŸ’œ The puppy should have fresh water and food available always.  He/she should not be on a feeding schedule until about six months because they are growing so fast.  A feeding schedule is only needed if he/she develops a weight problem.
πŸ’œ Food dish and water dish (I am providing leash, spray bottle, toys, stuffed animal, current food, shampoo, cleaning spray and treats in the gift bag)
πŸ’œ He/she will cry the first few nights without his/her siblings. You may not get much sleep, but you need to just let him/her cry.  Otherwise he/she will learn that if he/she cries you will jump and it will encourage a bad habit and can cause him/her to become an insecure dog.  I all so am providing a stuff animal for him/her to cuddle with that should help to sooth him/her.
πŸ’œ Spray bottle.  Puppies tend to bite while playing and they don’t realize how hard they are biting.  A spray bottle with plain water is great.  Just squirt every time he/she bites anything he/she shouldn’t.  It usually only takes a few times for the puppy to get the message.
πŸ’œ The puppy can be neutered/spayed as soon as six months, but it can affect his/her growth and is better to wait until he/she is fully grown at 1 year.  It is easier to wait on a male since he won’t go into heat like a female.  If there are no unfixed females around neutering is only useful to help with potty training by preventing him from having the urge to mark his territory in the house. Females normally go through their first heat between six and nine months of age. Diapers are sold at pet stores that can prevent breeding and contain the blood. The heat cycle lasts around three weeks.
πŸ’œ A puppy’s bowels and bladder are not fully developed until about six months of age so expect accidents during that time.  I don’t believe in spanking or rubbing their nose in it, a sharp noise in a firm tone of voice will be more affective. You must remember it is not their fault sense they do not have full control yet.  Especially if they do not have immediate access to outside like a doggy door. Physical correction will make your puppy scared of you.
πŸ’œ Do not leave him/her unattended with any other pets in the home until you are sure how they will get along.  Especially with cats since pugs have the bulging eyes and are prone to eye injuries.
πŸ’œ I will include a list of food and plants that are poisonous to dogs.  Make sure that you don’t have any of these where the puppy can chew or eat them.  A puppy will chew on everything.  Be aware of power cords as well.  Provide plenty of toys as a safe and positive option. If you are not around to supervise and train him/her what not to chew on than put him/her in the safe puppy area you made.

πŸ’œ If you need to give him/her a bath do it in a warm area and dry him/her very good.  If you use a blow dryer be very careful not to burn him/her. Puppies are very sensitive to heat and cold. Test the temp on the inside of your wrist which is a sensitive area for us and can help you to determine a safe temp. Sponge baths or baby wipes are best to use until your puppy is about 6 months of age. They are more susceptible to become chilled and sick just like a human baby.


     I hope this is helpful. I am available for any additional questions, concerns or advice any time. I bring these lovely creatures into this world and I take that responsibility very seriously. I will be there for you and your pug for his/her life. I want to hear from you, receive updates and pictures. If the unthinkable happens and you are no longer able to keep your pug, contact me and I will assist in finding a new home. I do not want any of my pugs to ever end up in the humane society or a rescue! Please I will do whatever it takes to prevent that!

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